Windzor Pharma was established in 2018 and registered in the UK, with offices in Woking, England and Dublin, Ireland.

It was founded by four partners, all experienced in the Pharmaceutical Industry, and with global experience in the development , licencing and marketing of pharmaceuticals in Europe,and in particular, the United Kingdom.

Rory O’Riordan MPSI

Rory is an experienced pharma executive, with over 30 years working in the industry, both in branded medicines and in generic medicines. He gained an Honours Pharmacy degree from Trinity College, Dublin, and a Masters in Marketing in University of NSW, Sydney Australia in 1988.

Rory has worked for Hoffmann La Roche, The Upjohn Company, Boots Pharmaceuticals Ltd, Clonmel Healthcare Ltd and most recently DCC plc, where he ran the Pharma division of DCC Vital, having sold his first business to them in 2012. He has worked in Europe, the USA, Australia, and the Middle East, and was previously President of the European Generics Association , 2002 to 2004, and VP until 2010. Rory is the Managing Director at Windzor Pharma and is based in the Northwood office in Dublin.

Nilesh Nathwani MPS


Nilesh is a qualified pharmacist and serial entrepreneur. Having qualified from University in Birmingham UK, he opened his first pharmacy within 3 months and has since founded 6 more pharmacies, and 4 companies, specialising in pharmaceutical and device distribution, and more recently, diagnostics and devices in the field of diabetes. Nilesh is Chairman at Windzor Pharma.

Parag Khiroya ACCA

Parag qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 1989 with Delloittes (formely Touche Ross) and as a Chartered Tax Adviser in 1994.

Founder member of Nicocig Ltd, an electronic cigarette which became UK’s market leader under the brand names of Nicolites and Vivid. Nicocig was acquired in June 2014 by Philip Morris, the world’s largest tobacco company with brands such as Malboro.

Parag is also the Founder Member of both GlucoRx and DIME. GlucoRX is at present is 2nd in the Blood glucose meter, test strips and lancets in the UK market (under brand name GlucoRx Nexus) and market leader in Insulin Pen needles under brand name GlucoRx Finepoint. DIME, Disposable Medical Equipment (t/a Dime) has a 30 million pound revenue business.

Finance Director of Windzor Pharma, along with a number of other companies and is based in Woking.

Chris Chapman


Chris began his career working in the Royal Navy and also spent 13 years with Surrey Police serving as Chief Officer. Most recently he has held a number of senior management roles in several Pharma companies most recently at GlucoRx diabetes company where he is currently Managing Director which is at present 2nd in the Blood glucose meter, test strips and lancets in the UK and market leader in Insulin Pen needles. His business interests lie in motivation, people management and creative problem solving. Chris is also based in the Woking office..