Simon Community

Windzor Pharma is delighted that Simon Community Ireland has chosen GlucoRX glucose and ketone meter for their clients across the country based on the quality and cost savings for the charity.

Great Quality Medicines

Windzor Pharma, established in 2018, brings great quality medicines to Irish doctors, to help manage their patients, and their costs.

Our mission

Is to bring pharmaceutical branded medicines that offer benefits over other medicines, either in cost savings or features that enable
doctors improve their patients health and manage their scarce resources.
We have a team of people all across the UK who engage with CCG’s and GP’s to bring them great medicines at great prices

Product range

Solferol Vitamin D3
Solferol Prescription Range
Solferol OTC Range
Flector Medicated Plaster
GlucoRx Range

Client Testimonials

"I’m enjoying using the product ! I’m getting lots of good feedback. To be honest I’ve swopped over 80%+ of my "topical” NSAIDs gel prescriptions to Flector! I add it to a lot of the cases from the procedure room as going home therapy & prescribe it directly from there."
Professor Dominic A. Hegarty.
BSc., BMedSc., MB., MSc. (Pain Management), PhD. FCARSCI, FFPMCAI, FIPP